A Seller’s market… Really?
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  • Where to settle in Phoenixville area? April 17, 2014
    Answer by Edmund Choi: Just relocated a family from Florence to the Collegeville area. The area has a nice balance of new and classic homes, newer school facilities, and easy accessibility to parks, shopping, and the corporate centers in Great Valley, Collegeville, and King of Prussia. Commuting routes can be congested at rush hour, but where isn't it i […]
  • Why do sellers need more than 24 hours notice to show a home? Especially if the listing claims possession is immediate. March 6, 2014
    Answer by Edmund Choi: Could be tenant-occupied, pets, small children, elderly, etc. so that a short notice appointment request can't be accommodated. Good Hunting! […]
  • Commission for rental February 22, 2014
    Answer by Edmund Choi: For a represented landlord, tenant agent would be compensated by landlord rep, provided compensation is offered. If a non-represented landlord is approached by a represented tenant, the landlord will have 2 options: 1) agree to pay negotiated fee to tenant agent or 2) refuse to pay a fee. If the latter, tenant and his/her agent will ha […]
  • Add something to the Offer January 28, 2014
    Answer by Edmund Choi: You can certainly present the terms you're suggestion. Whether or not the seller will accept is another thing. Also, there are paragraphs in the PAR Standard Agreement of Sale that address the terms you are asking about. Ask your Realtor for advice. Good Hunting! […]
  • I have been saving for a down payment on a condo. Hoping to buy in Chester or Delaware county in Pa. Can I get assistance with closing costs? January 18, 2014
    Answer by Edmund Choi: There are several avenues to get closing costs assistance, grants and the like. Good Hunting! […]

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