A Seller’s Market… Really?

Bidding wars? Time on market less than 2 weeks? February continued to indicate that the housing market is gaining strength. For the 3rd straight month, both Pending and Settled listings were at a 4-year high. Pending listings were 29% higher than the previous year for the 2nd straight month, while Settled listings were more than 10% higher. Furthermore, the housing affordability index has broken the 200 mark, meaning the typical family has roughly double the income needed to purchase a median-priced home. The problem for Buyers will occur at the peak of the spring market. In most neighborhoods in the Philadelphia suburbs, there will be a few weeks or a month this spring when the greatest flurry of Buyers will be buying. For that period demand will exceed supply. You will know it is happening when every house you look at sells quickly and most have multiple offers on them (already beginning to happen). During that period prices will peak and Buyers will be forced to pay a premium. Good Hunting!

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